The Cost of Beef

The Cost of Beef.jpg

The story behind the beef we eat is less than savory. Consuming meat comes at considerable cost to the environment and threatens our ability to feed the world’s growing population.

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From Bean to Cup: Starbucks, Supply Chain, and Sustainability

From Bean to Cup- Starbucks, Supply Chain, and Sustainability.jpg

Starbucks strives to serve great coffee – and to serve the myriad of communities it impacts. Follow us on a journey from coffee plantation to coffee shop, with stops along the way to improve the human condition and help ensure a sustainable planet.

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Location Analysis for Supply Chain

Location Analysis for Supply Chain.jpg

Supply chains are an important part of every person’s daily life. They are a crucial part of a country’s economy, which sees the transportation and delivery of goods and services from provider to consumer. With supply chains comes the responsibility of supply chain management, a process that ensures the safe and timely delivery of these goods.

However, this process often has risk and potential for optimization. Supply chain professionals deal with unforeseen incidents and constantly changing environments and require absolute visibility with real-time monitoring capabilities. For a supply chain to be successful, there needs to be an integration of location awareness, real-time tracking, and risk analysis. GIS helps to make all of this possible.

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The Reach of Supply Chain Management: Seeing is Believing

The Reach of Supply Chain Management- Seeing is Believing.jpg

When we think about life’s essentials we typically list eating, drinking, sleeping and healthy living. In today’s global society there is no food, shelter, or medical support without an efficient way to manufacture, transport, and distribute items. Every day, millions of goods are traded across the world, traveling by truck, air, rail and ship. These movements of commodities need to be well planned and executed. Catastrophes and unforeseen events are the enemies that supply chain management experts battle every day. They succeed with the use of powerful enterprise IT systems, risk mitigation strategies and real-time operational awareness using a location platform.

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