Network Analyst

Network Analyst

Network Analyst is an extension of ArcGIS for Desktop. It provides network-based spatial analysis, such as routing, fleet routing, travel directions, closest facility, service area, and location-allocation.

Using Network Analyst, you can dynamically model realistic network conditions, including one-way streets, turn and height restrictions, speed limits, and variable travel speeds based on traffic. You can also easily build networks from your GIS data by using a sophisticated network data model.

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Clemson University Campus Basemap

Clemson University Campus Basemap.jpg

Welcome to Clemson!
You can follow along with our story map at
Founded in 1889, Clemson University has transformed from what was originally a military academy to one of the top-rated public institutions in the nation.

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Location Analysis for Supply Chain

Location Analysis for Supply Chain.jpg

Supply chains are an important part of every person’s daily life. They are a crucial part of a country’s economy, which sees the transportation and delivery of goods and services from provider to consumer. With supply chains comes the responsibility of supply chain management, a process that ensures the safe and timely delivery of these goods.

However, this process often has risk and potential for optimization. Supply chain professionals deal with unforeseen incidents and constantly changing environments and require absolute visibility with real-time monitoring capabilities. For a supply chain to be successful, there needs to be an integration of location awareness, real-time tracking, and risk analysis. GIS helps to make all of this possible.

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Building Materials Logistics & Geographic Optimization


Building Materials Logistics & Geographic Optimization.jpgThe distribution of concrete is one of the most complex logistics management tasks. Ready-mix concrete has a very short shelf life of approx. 90 minutes and small and large order quantities must be delivered quickly, accurately and as cost-effectively as possible to geographically widely distributed and frequently-changing unloading points.
The objectives are therefore conflicting. ‘Cost-effective’ means minimizing transport cost and driving distances and maximizing truck utilization. ‘Fast and accurate’ means creating robust and reliable plans, taking unforeseen eventualities into account, as well as exclusive delivery.
This leads to one of the most interesting issues of operations research, the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). The task is to design the optimal set of routes for a fleet of vehicles to serve a given set of customers.

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Future Retail Hubs of Washington, DC

Future Retail Hubs of Washington, DC.jpg

WDCEP recently attended the International Council of Shopping Centers’ RECon Exhibition to continue our efforts to attract new retail to the District of Columbia. In meeting with over 70 retailers over the course of three days, WDCEP alongside a delegation from the government of the District of Columbia, educated retail site locators on the growth currently underway in Washington and opportunities for their businesses to locate inside DC.

It is an exciting time in Washington with regard to new retail construction! With about 1.8 million sq. ft. of retail space currently under construction in DC, we are on the precipice of a major influx of brand new commercial space in the District – prime for grocery stores, junior box retailers and neighborhood-serving retail/services.

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Optimizing Home Delivery with Location Services

Optimizing Home Delivery with Location Services.jpg

An organic grocery store has expanded its San Francisco business to include home delivery in the Downtown area. The company is examining different business scenarios to meet customer deliveries of fresh produce. They know that the best strategies balance the number of distribution centers, trucks and drivers with work hours, driving distances and customer convenience.

This story map examines different approaches and tradeoffs, to identify an optimal solution to satisfy customer expectations at a reasonable operating cost for the business.

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