What Does Your Symphony of Apps Look Like?

What Does Your Symphony of Apps Look Like-

Apps are like musical instruments. Each app taken individually is impressive, as is a singular clarinetist playing composer Willson Osborne’s Rhapsody for Clarinet. But when apps work together, they make unparalleled music—like the New York Philharmonic does when it plays George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, in which a clarinetist produces that iconic opening glissando before the rest of the symphony joins in. The challenge is to figure out which apps work best for certain needs and when an app should work in concert with other apps—just like Gershwin had to determine how long to make the clarinet’s solo and when to have the horns, trombone, and drums begin playing.

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Our Top Story Maps of 2016

Story Maps Collection

In 2016, the Esri Story Maps team focused on improving our apps in hopes of better serving our rapidly growing community of storytellers.

But we also love to tell stories ourselves. Why? Because there are causes we want to support, passions we want to indulge, partners with whom we want to collaborate, and custom apps and layouts we’d like to prototype (such as the terrorism and extinction stories below). Plus, using our apps to tell our own stories is a great way to learn how to improve them.

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Drone2Map for ArcGIS – What will your drone do for you?

Drone2Map for ArcGIS - What will your drone do for you-.jpg

Turn Your Drone Into an Enterprise GIS Productivity Tool.

Create orthomosaics, 3D meshes, and more, in ArcGIS from your drone-captured still imagery ― in minutes, not days.

Drone2Map for ArcGIS is a desktop app that turns raw still imagery from drones into orthomosaics, 3D meshes, tile images, and more, in ArcGIS. Now, with drone hardware becoming more accessible, you can create 2D and 3D maps of hard-to-access features and areas.

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Raising Aspirations in Geography with ArcGIS Online

Raising Aspirations in Geography with ArcGIS Online.jpg

The technical and financial benefits of using ArcGIS in our school.
Our ICT limitations:

  • State school with 796 students
  • Limited budget at departmental level
  • ICT system using Open Source environment (Linux) preventing the use of most common Windows based applications

The ArcGIS Online solution:

  • Cloud based service removing the need for dedicated stations thus allowing multiple platforms
  • Only requiring a web browser to operate
  • Affordable yearly subscription plan for schools
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Territory Optimization with GIS

Territory Optimization with GIS.jpg

Effective territory planning and optimization is critical for many businesses. Almost every organization that uses field crews for sales, services, or deliveries has a need for organizing field staff into territories or regions.

Well-defined territories increase efficiency, response time, and customer satisfaction while cutting costs.

Territories can be either loosely defined or based on fixed geographical areas, such as postal codes. Work within territories can be different every day or make use of pre-planned, repeating routes. Some of the customer locations may require recurring weekly or monthly visits.

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Network Analyst

Network Analyst

Network Analyst is an extension of ArcGIS for Desktop. It provides network-based spatial analysis, such as routing, fleet routing, travel directions, closest facility, service area, and location-allocation.

Using Network Analyst, you can dynamically model realistic network conditions, including one-way streets, turn and height restrictions, speed limits, and variable travel speeds based on traffic. You can also easily build networks from your GIS data by using a sophisticated network data model.

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