How To Cascade: Map Legends

How To Cascade- Map Legends

Legends in Story Maps; story maps with legends. Hmmm…this can be a puzzle.
There are a few ways to annotate your map in a way that help to balance A) the transfer of glorious map information into your readers’ brains, with B) the fact that you are telling them a story.
Here are three techniques to consider for your richly appointed storytelling…

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Drone2Map for ArcGIS – What will your drone do for you?

Drone2Map for ArcGIS - What will your drone do for you-.jpg

Turn Your Drone Into an Enterprise GIS Productivity Tool.

Create orthomosaics, 3D meshes, and more, in ArcGIS from your drone-captured still imagery ― in minutes, not days.

Drone2Map for ArcGIS is a desktop app that turns raw still imagery from drones into orthomosaics, 3D meshes, tile images, and more, in ArcGIS. Now, with drone hardware becoming more accessible, you can create 2D and 3D maps of hard-to-access features and areas.

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