How To Cascade: Map Legends

How To Cascade- Map Legends

Legends in Story Maps; story maps with legends. Hmmm…this can be a puzzle.
There are a few ways to annotate your map in a way that help to balance A) the transfer of glorious map information into your readers’ brains, with B) the fact that you are telling them a story.
Here are three techniques to consider for your richly appointed storytelling…

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Geodesign! Design for a Complex World


Urban and regional planners use geodesign to envision better futures for communities and drive powerful decision making. Esri technology supports this process by combining the scientiĀ­c power of geographic data with smart 3D city modelling to facilitate data visualization, scenario impact simulations, cross disciplinary collaboration, and storytelling.

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What’s New in Smart Mapping


ArcGIS Online offers beautiful new ways to illuminate your data from one or more of its attribute fields. Recently we released three new map styles, each of which lets you explore the relationship between two attribute fields in your data. Simply select two attribute fields and smart mapping suggests maps that work with your data to reveal patterns. This map journal will guide you through some examples of these new map styles.

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