Walgreens Flu Index (2016 – 2017 Flu Season)

Walgreens Flu Index (2016 - 2017 Flu Season).jpg

The Walgreens Flu Index provides state and market-specific information regarding flu activity, and is compiled using retail prescription data for antiviral medications used to treat influenza across Walgreens locations nationwide.

The Flu Index is not intended to illustrate levels or severity of flu activity, but rather, illustrate which populations are experiencing the highest incidence of flu.

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It is a fact that vaccination have been responsible for global health successes such as the eradication of smallpox and the reduction in other serious and infectious diseases like diphtheria, poliomyelitis and measles. On the other hand, vaccinations have also been subject of a wide variety of ethical controversies:

  • Mandates and Objections
  • Research, development and testing
  • Parental informed consent
  • Access issues (global health disparities in terms of poverty, social priorities, violence, etc.)
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