Oregon State University Facilities Dashboard

Oregon State University Facilities Dashboard

A collection of geolocated live webcams on the OSU campus and beyond.

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A Decade of Renewal at UMASS Amherst – 2006 to 2016

A Decade of Renewal at UMASS Amherst - 2006 to 2016.jpg

The Facilities Solutions Center is staffed 24/7/365, so we’re able to provide the help you need when you need it most. If you discover a problem in a building, on campus grounds, with utility services or at a construction site, call us at 413-545-6401, day or night. Weekends and holidays, too. We’re always here to help.

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Ontario Mills – Brand Alliances

Ontario Mills - Brand Alliances.jpg

Retailers always seek innovative ways to building, managing and maintaining a great shopping experiences. Indoor mapping and Esri’s location platform allows store owners to integrate location, market, and geographic data to manage store mixes and analyze sales data. This story map provides a solution to understand and make use of customer traffic data of specific stores in a shopping mall.

The owner of Ontario Mills mall wanted to analyze brand alliances within the shopping center to create a profile for certain types of places customers would visit. So the manager would better layout the stores and bring in the right tenants to keep their business growing.

The chain department store owner would also want to understand their relation to competitors and complementary stores. Knowing where their customer shop, eat, and walk will help strategic advertising and positioning next stores in order to optimize revenue.

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Ontario Mills – Store Performance

Ontario Mills - Store Performance.jpg

The golden rules for creating a successful shopping mall—have a good location and strong anchor store—don’t always apply in today’s retail environment. Instead, the smallest nuances in a market can make or break a business.

The success of shopping centers is based on generating the best mix of retailers and creating agile and high-profile developments that are optimally aligned with market opportunity. Finding and understanding the data to perform these functions in a traditional manner—through spreadsheets and by hand—can be difficult. Many commercial real estate owners and developers are finding that GIS opens the door to a new way of doing business.

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