100 años de Parques Nacionales

100 años de Parques Nacionales.jpg

8 de diciembre de 1916. Europa estaba inmersa en la I Guerra Mundial cuando en España aprobamos la primera Ley de Parques Nacionales. No se trataba de una ley extensa, tan solo bastaron tres artículos en los que hacía alusión a los conceptos estético y paisajístico de algunas zonas naturales, para iniciar un proceso de salvaguarda medioambiental. España se convertía con esta ley en uno de los países pioneros a nivel europeo en cuanto a la protección de la naturaleza.

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Keep the Canyon Grand

Keep the Canyon Grand.jpg

Grand Canyon National Park may rank as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but national park status doesn’t give the canyon the complete protection it deserves.

From every direction, the Grand Canyon is under siege. Uranium mines on federal lands surrounding the park leave the contamination of precious seeps and springs to chance, while proposed developments—like a tramway that could ferry 10,000 people a day to the bottom of the canyon—risk desecrating native people’s sacred sites. Even casual park-goers leave their mark, stressing the canyon’s finite water resources.

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The National Park Bird’s-Eye Quiz

The National Park Bird's-Eye Quiz

2016 marks the centennial of the National Park Service. In celebration we offer this test of your ability to identify national park landmarks. The images here just hint at the vast diversity of landscapes and locations protected by the Park Service within its flagship parks, historic sites, recreation areas, preserves, and memorials.

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