The Cost of Beef

The Cost of Beef.jpg

The story behind the beef we eat is less than savory. Consuming meat comes at considerable cost to the environment and threatens our ability to feed the world’s growing population.

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From Bean to Cup: Starbucks, Supply Chain, and Sustainability

From Bean to Cup- Starbucks, Supply Chain, and Sustainability.jpg

Starbucks strives to serve great coffee – and to serve the myriad of communities it impacts. Follow us on a journey from coffee plantation to coffee shop, with stops along the way to improve the human condition and help ensure a sustainable planet.

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Places On Earth Where Nature Will KILL YOU.

Places On Earth Where Nature Will KILL YOU .jpg

Every Earth Day, we remind ourselves that it is our duty to protect the planet for future generations to enjoy and exist in. We should strive to do what we can to limit the harmful impact upon nature.
But there are locations where nature does’t care for existing peacefully with us. In fact, there are some places so dangerous or extreme that simply going there will kill us!

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Celebrating Great Trees

Celebrating Great Trees.jpg

This magnificent oak spreads its moss-draped fingers in obscurity on a nameless trail on the Isle of Mull in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides.

Our planet has countless millions of such wonders, a tiny proportion of which have gained fame as sacred or historic sites, or as specimens of unusual size, shape, or age. In celebration of Arbor Day (April 28) we feature a gallery of botanical hall-of-famers.

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