Lisboa: Mapas Climáticos para o Ordenamento

Lisboa- Mapas Climáticos para o Ordenamento.jpg

O clima é um importante elemento do ambiente urbano; contudo, a qualidade do clima não é habitualmente tida em consideração no planeamento urbano e na promoção da sustentabilidade urbana e não existe ainda qualquer legislação sobre o assunto.

Reconhecendo a utilidade da investigação sobre clima urbano de Lisboa para a qualidade do ambiente, que tem sido desenvolvida desde a década de 80 no Centro de Estudos Geográficos, a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa decidiu apoiar o desenvolvimento de estudos que conduzissem à elaboração de linhas orientadoras para o ordenamento da cidade de modo a:

  • mitigar a ilha urbana de calor;
  • promover a ventilação;
  • melhorar a qualidade do ar.
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Walkability & Measuring Urban Street Design

Walkability & Measuring Urban Street Design.jpg

Street design influences the feelings and decisions of the pedestrian. Beyond just the mode of travel, street design affects how attractive, and ultimately, how economically viable an area will be. Perhaps the most important element in the public realm, streets play an important role in creating and hosting the daily activity in our cities. It is important to understand how the elements of successful streets influence job growth, revenue, lifestyle, and the overall public perception of an area. Streets that facilitate walking have the power to create rich, welcoming, and memorable experiences for pedestrians.

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Des Moines City Hall Move

Des Moines City Hall Move

Historic Des Moines City Hall located at 400 Robert D. Ray Drive will undergo renovation beginning in early April, 2016. The construction is necessary to install modern heating, cooling, and sprinkler systems while preserving the historic character of the building. The project is expected to take 18-24 months. During that time, City Hall will be closed to the public, and City offices will move to other nearby locations.

To find City services and office locations, click on or swipe to the Find Us tab. Check the Pay or Apply Online tab for services and forms you can access online.

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East Village Parking and Roads

East Village Parking and Roads

Grand Avenue Bridge will be closed for replacement starting September 19, 2016. The map shows road and parking closures, and detour recommendations during this time.

Road closures and restricted parking zones are shown in red. Weekday permit parking zones are shown in blue. Zoom in to see parking meters. For more details click or tap on a parking zone or parking meter symbol.

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East New York Neighborhood Plan

East New York Neighborhood Plan

The East New York Neighborhood Plan is a coordinated plan to promote affordable housing, encourage economic development, create pedestrian-friendly streets and invest in community resources to support the long-term growth and sustainability of East New York, Cypress Hills and Ocean Hill. The East New York Neighborhood Plan is a part of Housing New York, the Mayor’s housing plan to build and preserve affordable housing through community development initiatives that foster a more equitable and livable New York City.

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