Optimizing Home Delivery with Location Services

Optimizing Home Delivery with Location Services.jpg

An organic grocery store has expanded its San Francisco business to include home delivery in the Downtown area. The company is examining different business scenarios to meet customer deliveries of fresh produce. They know that the best strategies balance the number of distribution centers, trucks and drivers with work hours, driving distances and customer convenience.

This story map examines different approaches and tradeoffs, to identify an optimal solution to satisfy customer expectations at a reasonable operating cost for the business.

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Retail Scenario – Merchandising

Retail Scenario - Merchandising.jpg

A regional sales manager for a high-end department store discovered that their profit margin varies significantly across the Los Angeles area. This might be explained by work patterns and store locations. Could new insight into variation by zip code help maximize profits by locating a new store in an area of high weekend market potential, while avoid cannibalization of existing stores?

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An Example of Spatial Analysis

An Example of Spatial Analysis

What is Spatial Analysis?

Spatial analysis is something we all do, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s how we understand our world — knowing where things are, learning how places relate and interact, figuring out what it all means, and what decisions to make or actions to take.

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Expansión y predicción de ventas

Expansión y predicción de ventas

Asegura tu retorno de inversión con inteligencia geográfica.

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado dónde viven tus clientes? ¿Si tus tiendas están ubicadas cerca de tu target comercial?

¿Sabes dónde se encuentra tu competencia? ¿Cuál es el lugar ideal para abrir una nueva oficina? ¿Conoces dónde tu equipo comercial está poniendo su mayor esfuerzo, y qué territorio está desatendido?

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Ontario Mills Indoor Mapping – Checkout Counter Design

Ontario Mills Indoor Mapping - Checkout Counter Design.jpg

Designing the interior of a physical retail store is a step by step process. There’s always place to adding up, moving, or taking away stuff to create customer circulation. And it is really the customer journey and experience that the retailer cares about. With the help of indoor mapping and analytics, retailers no longer need to walk their stores frequently and dive into static table to observe customer pattern. This story map propose a solution to design checkout counter to increase sales in a large department store in Ontario Mills Shopping Mall.

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Indoor Mapping – Premium Advertisement Location

Indoor Mapping - Premium Advertisement Location.jpg

Shopping mall advertising makes reaching desirable customers effective and easy. But where to put these advertisement? We certainly target for high traffic locations such as:

  • mall entrances
  • food courts
  • anchor stores entrances
  • play areas and rest areas

However, we still need data and analysis results to back up selection of advertising locations, and make better decisions based on each mall’s situation.

This story map presents a solution for advertising at large shopping malls. With the help of indoor mapping and tracking, retailers are able to find premium advertisement locations inside the Ontario Mills shopping center.

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