An Example of Spatial Analysis

An Example of Spatial Analysis

What is Spatial Analysis?

Spatial analysis is something we all do, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s how we understand our world — knowing where things are, learning how places relate and interact, figuring out what it all means, and what decisions to make or actions to take.

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Apertura y Cierre de Oficinas

Apertura y Cierre de Oficinas.jpg

Los bancos, las empresas de seguros y las cadenas de venta de productos al gran público deben gestionar una gran cantidad de activos inmobiliarios en muchas ciudades distintas.

Entender cuáles son las tiendas que más o menos aportan al negocio global, conocer dónde están nuestros clientes, dónde nuestra competencia, y caracterizar las mejores ubicaciones para una expansión pueden ahorrarnos millones de euros en inversiones y pueden ayudarnos a maximizar el rendimiento de nuestra inversión.

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Real Estate – Seal the Deal

Real Estate - Seal the Deal.jpg

Organizations use Esri® solutions to gain footholds in the competitive commercial property market and to run profitable businesses. Successful real estate companies know that understanding local markets and being able to convey information about them to clients are what makes the difference between a commercial space being a boon or a bust.

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Mapping the Geography of Online Lending

Mapping the Geography of Online Lending.jpg

This case study follows Jonathan Blum, a New York-based author and GIS-novice, as he tests the assumed, unquestioned, relationship between loan grades and interest rates. As you read his story, keep in mind that this workflow can answer a variety of different questions.
Most of us probably expect, for example, that communities with higher average incomes will pay higher average income taxes. But is this consistently true? Where is it less true or more true across the country? We might believe that agricultural areas with the best growing conditions will produce the highest yields. Is this always the case everywhere? If not, why not? Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that schools with better teacher-to-student ratios will have higher test scores?

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