Birds of a Feather Shop Together- Demographics and Store Performance

Birds of a Feather Shop Together- Demographics and Store Performance

The proverb “Birds of a feather flock together” describes how those of similar taste congregate in groups. We live in neighborhoods in which we share similarities with our neighbors but do we shop at the same places and for the same reasons based on similarities?

When we look at markets like the San Francisco Bay Area there are many differences between individual customers, groups of customers and their neighbors. These variations can be explained by location and how it impacts shopping patterns and behaviors. Here we explore what’s factors are really important to customer activity and store performance.

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The Living Wage Map

The Living Wage Map.jpg

An ongoing public debate about the struggle of low-income families to stay afloat raises a key question: how great is the gap between the minimum wage and the amount of money needed to meet a minimum standard of living?

The Living Wage Calculator, developed by Professor Amy Glasmeier of MIT, examines this question. Esri has map-enabled the Calculator data, revealing regional patterns. Tap below to explore the map.

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