Chasing Tornado Data : Exploring Three Decades of Violent Storms


This storymap is based on storm reports used in the NOAA’s National Weather Service’s verification of storm events. Larger symbols indicate the higher intensity events based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. If tornado track data exists, it is shown as a line from the start point to end point. Although tornadoes can occur throughout the year, prime time for twisters in the U.S. is spring and early summer. Larger symbols show more violent tornadoes. Zoom into the map to see approximate tornado tracks.

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DR 4277 and Baton Rouge Area Flooding

DR 4277 and Baton Rouge Area Flooding.jpg

An overview of current operations related to DR-4277 and Baton Rouge area flooding. You can pan and zoom, as well as select JFO’s, DRC’s, and Declared Counties to view more information as needed. Flood extents shown are approximate and being worked on around the clock. To view flood extents from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), please use the Layer List button to toggle them on or off.

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